Monday, July 28, 2008


So, last night I layed in bed for an hour thinking about how starving I was and then systematically going through each thing I could possibly get up and eat. but, each time I thought of something I could imagine what it would smell like and then my stomach would get upset. I ended up with a bag of saltine crackers and a block of chedder cheese. Pregnancy makes you do some odd things. hopefully tonight goes better.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

31 and Still Young

David turned 31 this year and that is a lot of candles. I almost couldn't fit them on his cake.
David's birthday began with the opening of his present, a horse shoe set, then we headed to the pioneer stake breakfast. After that dave spent most of the day working on his fish tank since yester day was occupided with our impromtu painting of the living room. Later we went to dinner with the Schwindy family, well not Jacob. We went to the Naked fish, the food was good but their airconditioning was out and they were obviously short on help. I had to write our order down on the the waitresses pad because she didn't know how. Oh, well it made for some good memories. From there David ran to REI for a big sale, a trip that was suppose to take 30 mins. Lets just say allhis guests arrived at our home before he did. When he got there we had Cake and Ice cream.

David choose to have strawberry cake and mint and chip ice cream. It was an odd combo but it was his birthday so it was his choice.

There was quite a bit of heat coming off that cake and as you can see a lot off smoke once all the candles were out.
after we ate there were some games of ping pong and a lot of socializing. It was a good day.
Happy Birthday Hun!!! I love you and so does Evelyn!

Friday, July 18, 2008

I WIN!!!!

So, David and I have been arguing about putting up his fish tank. I said that he needs to paint the living room before it goes up because once it is up it is not coming back down so I can paint a wall. David said that he just painted the living room white, a year ago. He is not painting it again! Well, my living room is now Taupe.
Thanks Sweetie!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

March....I think

Apparently David and I are not as infertile as doctors have claimed.... I just took a test yesterday and, thats right, I am pregnant... So take that doctors!!!! We are so excited! I just got back down to my prepregnancy whieght so it was perfect timing for me and Dave will have a job nursing by the time this little one shows up, YAY!!! I am going to make a doctors appointment today so I can make it offical but we obvioulsy are not keeping it a secret, so tell anyone you want.

YAY! for babies.

* Pregnant = two lines Not Pregnant = only second line.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day 9: One More Stop

We stopped in old Town Sacramento on our way home to visit with some good friends, JP and Christie. We also need to give Evelyn a little break.

Her daddy spoils her so much, even though he is the one that didn't want to give her any sugar in the first year.

We stop and ate a Mexican restaurant and then spent the rest of the time just walking and catching up.

I am so glad we got to stop and hang out. It had been way too long and I was reminded how much I like these guys.

I was pretty impressed how well Evelyn did on the trip. We didn't need to stop nearly as many times as I had expected.

We had such a great time, I can't wait till we get o go next summer. I don't even care if we are invited, we are still going, so hope you don't mind Scott and Sheri. Thank you so much for inviting us this year.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 8: Goodbye

There aren't any pictures for day 8 because we woke-up cleaned and left. We did stop at a little hamburger joint in town before we all parted ways, but other than that we spent the rest of the day in the car. We tried to find the distribution center in Salt Lake but gave up quickly. We ended up stopping at my sisters house in Reno and had a good night sleep so the trip didn't seem as long as it was on day 1.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 7: The More the Merrier!

Today we were Joined the by the Christensen family (Joy, David, Mark , Rachael, and Andrea)
We pretty much spent the day hangout around the house.

Just Chillin'

Evelyn making a Mess!!

Our Friends Nate and Jessica also came to visit. We did take them out to look at the land in Nate's billy goat of a car but we forgot the camera. We were searching for Moose, Elk, or Beaver but all we saw were dear. David and Nate did go on a little hike themselves and to Nate's extreme Joy they saw what they thought was a beaver.
More chillin'

Later that night we made little personal pies over the fire. It was a lot of fun trying to figure out the most effective way to make them, In the end mine turned out pretty dang good.

Roasting marshmallows. I didn't really eat that mallow, I just posed with it. I felt a little sick that night.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 6: Just the Two of Us

Dave and I decided to take a Husband-Wife day. We took one of the ATVs and headed off to the Damn and left Evelyn to play with her cousins again. We made several stops just to look at the beautiful scenery...
This was a huge field of daffodils, they were beautiful.

Taking this picture is hilarious. David thought that he could run through the waterfall and get to me to pose for the picture within the 10 second window allotted for self photography on our camera. Obviously, he didn't make it.

Scott & Sheri, Tom & Karen, and Preston & Carrissa all have carved their names in this same grove of trees. So, David and I decided to join them.
They have also all taken this same picture.
Awww how sweet!!

We made it to the Damn! This place was gorgeous! There were wild flowers everywhere and of all different colors and the lake looked so inviting.

David walking on the damn.

More self photography and a view of the beautifully clear water.


David had to take a picture. looks like the mountain lion devoured the rest of this poor guy.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 5: More Fun!

Today Preston, Carissa, Mathew, Mark, David, and I went for a ride. We left Evelyn to play with the rest of cousins.

We stopped along the way to take some random pictures. Our favorite was the prairie dog pose.

Mathew and Mark snuck some pictures of their own in.

More prairie dogs.
I took the wheel for a while and had a great time, although we did not make it to our destination as soon as we would have with Dave driving.

We rode all the way up to Blue Lake at the top of the property again and spent some time hiking around and enjoying the grandure. Mathew and Mark did some fishing and Mark was able to catch a fish with out any bate whereas Mathew was not so lucky.

Preston and Carissa had a little miss hap while we were at the lake...they ran into a fallen tree. This resulted in the thumb throttle being riped off their bike so David had to ride it back alone, because it was a little tricky. This left Mathew, Mark, and I with the opportunity to spend some more quality time together. Mark drove Mathew took the middle and I got the back. It mad for an interesting ride but we all made it home in the end.

When we got back everyone was at the river playing on the zip line. Of corse Dave and I had to try it out.
David, a bit braver than I, tried the big zip line too.

Karen decided that the cold water would help heal her sore muscles from the previous days activities and this is how she utilized the river.
Her girls Jessie and Megan joined her for a bit.
Evelyn was a bit unsure of the COLD water in the beginning.
But if Daddy can bare it....

...So can she. It took a few attempts but in the end she was chattering and smiling.