Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today was Evelyn's first day at her new preschool. She was very Excited to wear her purple dress and take her princess lunch box full of snacks.
Several of Evelyn's friends from church are in her class so she felt right at home and had no problem letting me go. My friend Michele was aiding today so she took a few pictures for me. Apparently, Evelyn did fine until they sang the "Tip Toe" song at which point she totally freaked out and thought there was a monster coming to get her. She recovered and by the time I came to pick her up she was excited to come back again later this week.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Evelyn Turns 3!

Evelyn turned three this year and because the temperatures has been near 113 degrees we decided to have a water party.
We set up a temporary fence in our front yard and put up a pool, a slip and slide, and a giant beach ball sprinkler. It took the kids a min to get up the nerve to get wet but soon everyone was running around screaming with joy. I was a blast. We served hotdogs, grapes, and pudding for dinner. Leonard really liked the pudding. We gave everyone a squirt gun and some water balloons. Evelyn was very excited when we pulled out her purple cake and had everyone sing "Happy Birthday!" to her. Then when it was time to open presents she went a little buzerk. She just tore through all of the gifts not even stopping to take a breath.
Now I have got to start thinking about next year.

This was a gift from Grandpa Steve.

Evelyn is supper smart. She knows all of her colors and shapes. She can recognize 90% of upper case letters and she can count to twenty. She just recently learned how to spell her name and the other day when she was coloring she practically wrote it, She wrote ELEVN. I was so shocked! I didn't even know she could write any letters. She surprises me everyday. This week she starts a new preschool and she is so excited about it. She loves the color purple and She prefers to wear dresses if she can. She still loves to pretend. She loves to dance. Often she will ask to put on her princess dress (a puffy purple dress that Grandma creek bought her for easter) so that she can dance around her bedroom. Her favorite princess is Cinderella and she is determined to be her for halloween. We have had so much fun having Evelyn as part of our family and I can't imagine life without her.

Leonard Turns 1!

We didn't actually get to have a Birthday Party for Leonard on the 17th in fact he didn't get his party until April 2nd. On the 17th, Leonard's actual birthday, we were in the ER because he was having some major trouble breathing. You wouldn't have know by the way he was running up and down the hall way in the hospital but he really had me worried. So, we had to wait until he was feeling better before we celebrated.

We ended up just having a small party and I made a pretty awesome backhoe cake. Leonard didn't really care what it looked like but I am pretty sure he liked how it tasted.

Leonard Has so much personality, most days I can't take my eyes off of him because I want to see all of his goofy expressions. He loves to run around and could spend all day doing it as long as you keep him well supplied with food. He laughs at everything and almost always is smiling. He loves to do what ever Evelyn is doing, and although it does bug her sometimes, Evelyn is a pretty good spot about it. Leonard also loves anything electronic. We have already lost two DVD remotes and we suspect they were lost to the garbage. He is also a very good climber. I can't believe some of the places I have found him. His favorite place is atop the kitchen table. He hasn't really started talking yet but he is very intelligent and understands instructions very well. He is growing up so fast, in-fact he already weighs the same as his big sister and I am sure he is going to surpass her any day. Which might be a problem since he is all boy and likes to tackle an wrestle Evelyn any chance that he gets.

We are totally in Love with this boy and I we are excited to see how he grows in the years to come.