Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Blessing

We decided that Leonard should be blessed before he was baptized so we finally put down a date and although we could not find a cute white blessing outfit we did come up with this handsome ensemble (thank you Luci for letting us borrow the tie. It really made the look.)

The blessing was given by David and it was beautiful. Leonard, Nick, Preston, Sammy, and Bishop Rynders joined David in the circle.
Sadly a lot ofpeople were unable to make it due to sickness and prior engagements but even though we missed them we had a very nice blessing. Leonard has many blessings in store for him and he is going to be a blessing in many peoples lives.

He already is a huge blessing in ours. He is always smiling and laughing and you can't help but join him which makes the atmosphere in our home so light and fun. I absolutely love Leonard and I am already so proud to be his mom. People are constantly telling me how cute and happy my children are and all I can do is thank them and agree whole heartily.

We are so Blessed!

The beginning stages

Leonard is 5 months and he is already in the beginning stages of crawling. He not only gets on his hands and knees and rocks but he launches himself forward and pulls himself forward again. That's right, he is mobile. What stinks is that he totally skipped the sitting up stage. You know, the one where they sit in one place and play for a significant period of time. Yep, he skipped that so now I have two mobile children on my hands, YIKES!!

That being said, it is a lot of fun watching him focus on a destination and the determination he has to get there. He is a very strong and coordinated little guy he surprises me everyday with some new skill. Personally I think he is growing up entirely too fast but I guess there is nothing to do about that but make sure i am there to see it.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2 Years Old

Evelyn turned 2 this month and we decided to celebrate with a BBQ, some cupcakes, some friends, and lots of presents.

Evelyn was so excited about the cupcakes she talked about them all day then when we got home she stuck her finger in several to make sure they were OK to serve to her friends.
She also sang "Happy Birthday" (well at least her version of it) all day and several days later.

For some reason she refused to pick the cupcake up.

Leonard and his wanting eyes.

The loot

It was so much fun watching Evelyn open all her presents this year. She got so excited about everything. Well, almost every thing. She opened a present from grandpa Steve toward the end and apparently after getting a ton of toys she had no interest in the clothes that she found in the bag, regardless of how cute they were. She just tossed the clothes aside like it was tissue paper and looked really deep in the bag to find the toy that wasn't there. It was absolutely hilarious!!! We all cracked up laughing.

I got her a little minerature tea set and to my surprise that was one of the things she was most excited about. Now we can have "hot chocolate parties"

This is a singing card. Evelyn still carries it around and dances with it.

The baby. She had to get one. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Creek.

This is the Grandfanally! Daddy and Grandpa Creek spent 2 days making this beautiful table for Evelyn. She loved it! All the girls automatically were drawn to it. I am so excited for all the things she will be able to do at that tablle and it will be a great hierloom someday.

Happy Birthday Evelyn!!
We LOVE you!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Water Paint

She is still our little artist, she is just trying out some new mediums.

She absolutely loves to paint. And I love to let her.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Leonard at 5 months

He is such a happy boy.
Always smiling or laughing and very active.
He is rolling and scooting all over the place.
He sat unsupported for the first time.
He refuses to eat solids, he gags every time I try to feed him.
He loves to play peek -a-boo with Evelyn.
He loves to jump in the jump-a-roo.
He likes to be sung to and to watch people dance.
He Weighs 16 lbs and 12 oz.
and he is 24 1/2" long.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Evelyn has recently found a love for trains. David put up a little electric train set in the spare room. Then Evelyn's cousin mason gave her this really awesome Thomas the Train set with tons of tracks and all the magical transportation devices you can imagine. She also got to put money on the train track and find it after it had been squished by the train. Now every time she hears or sees a train she yells "TRAIN!!! CHOO CHOO!" So we decide to take her on the train to Hanford, a 30 minute trip. Its so worth the mere $21 round trip.

Leonard was prett chill the whole time.

This Evelyn's excited face.

We went to Supreme Dairy and we had obviously forgotten how big the scoops are there because we totally over ordered. But, Evelyn didn't mind one bit.

After ice cream we hung out at the city park for a minute then checked out some of the local shops. By the time we got back to the train we were all pretty pooped.

Evelyn playing with the ticket machine. Right before this she had fallen and hit her head pretty hard, but it didn't phase her for long.

Back home. It was a great little family adventure and it was a first for both Leonard and Evelyn but I am sure it won't be the last.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Gerber cookies

Leonard refuses to eat solids. He either locks his mouth shut to the point that water wouldn't ever penetrate it let alone a spoon full of rice cereal or he gags and looks as though he is going to die once I get the rice cereal into his mouth. But, there is one thing no child can resist....
The Gerber Cookie.

I am not sure if it is the fact that they can feed themselves or the undeniable fun of making a huge mess.

Any way you look at it the Gerber cookie is a winner every time.

Peek - A - Boo