Saturday, March 17, 2012

My 3 Year Old Little ManAfter

As you may know Leonard was born on  St.  Patrick's day ,  which  means not only    do we get to  celebrate his birthday   but we get to try  and catch a Leprechaun. This year our Leprechaun got away but he left us a note,  "Dear Evelyn and Leonard, That was a very  tricky trap,  but  I  am a very tricky Leprechaun! Better LUCK next time. -Larry The Leprechaun" He also left us some Lucky Charms, mini Reese's Peanut butter cups, and a mess.    Oh and when we poured the milk into  our lucky  charms it turned GREEN,  Tricky little guy!
After Our Fun with the Leprechaun we went to a Birthday breakfast with Grandpa Steve at Jus' Jo's.  The food was delicious and it was fun to continue our little tradition with Grandpa Steve.

Leonard was set on  having a Super Hero Birthday Party so we invited some friends over,  made some capes and let the decorate some masks. They all made very cute Heroes!

We sang Happy Birthday  and Leonard tried to   blow out the candles but Mommy accidentally got trick candles so if was supper difficult but he got them all out after a few tries. He is Supper after all.
And here is my Little Man, 3 Years Old! He is growing up, my old tricks don't work on he anymore. When I say "I'm gonna get you!" he doesn't coming running like  he used to, he is getting to smart. One of my favorite things that Leonard will do now is holds up his hands and makes one a "BAD GUY" and one a "JEDI" and then he makes them fight. He can  play  this  game for hours, making all kinds of sound effects and bang his hand together to create an epic duel. Leonard is so much fun to have around.  He is loving, thoughtful, and just incredibly SWEET. We Love you Leonard, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!