Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cold Turkey

Last night i had book club and David was home with Evelyn and apparently he had a hard time finding Evelyn's pacifier so he decided that she didn't need one any more. So, Evelyn is going cold turkey. This is night two, it took two hours for her to get to sleep this afternoon for her nap. Hopefully tonight is not as hard.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Apt # 7

32 Weeks
Weight 146 lbs
(that means I've gained 12 lbs in the last month!!!)
BP 100/60
Leonards Heart Rate 140 BPM

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Backyard Camp out

R.E.I. recently had an 83 cent sell, where anything that ends in .83 is half off and usually those items are already marked down significantly. So, the day before the sale we went to R.E.I. to scout out the deals. We were particularly interested in one that our friend Herb had let us know about, it was a -5 degree sleeping bag. As mentioned in a previous post, David is now the Varsity Scout leader in our ward and consequently he has the honor of accompanying the boys on the annual SNOW camp out. If you know David you know that he is a total wimp when it comes to drastic temperatures, thus the need for a -5 degree sleeping bag. So, we found the bag and it was the only one left. It was marked down from, like, $500 to $199.83 so it was going to bee $100, not something you want to pass up. So, since Dave worked the next day I was given the assignment to be there when the store opens and snag the bag. The next day Evelyn and I headed to the store and we were there 10 mins before the store was supposedly open but to my surprise they had opened early and when I went to the bag section, the desired bag was GONE!!! I called Dave and he was freaking out and I asked two different employees to find the bag for me, but they were not having any luck. Then I saw our friend Mathew Earl and he was mothing the words, "we have it for you." *phew* So, long story short we got the bag and Dave was VERY happy.

He decided that he needed to test the bag out, so he had a little camp out in our back yard. He said the bag worked well but it was a little creepy sleeping out there.

Evelyn had fun the next day when daddy let her play in the tent. Look at that smile, it is so priceless.

Monday, January 5, 2009

APT # 6

About 30 Weeks
Weight: 140 lbs (I've gained 22 lbs thus far.)
Blood Pressure: 118/64
Leonard's heart beat: 154 BPM
And I am now measuring right on at 30 weeks.

Oh, and I failed my one hour glucose test by 1 point so I had to take the three hours test during which I threw up (I passed after all) and later that day ended up in the hospital with Kidney pain. I stayed the night so they could pump me full of pain killers and I could get some sleep. Then the vein that had my IV in it "infiltrated" in other words, all the narcotics that were supposed to go into my vein ended up in the surrounding tissue of my arm. I got a rash and my arm was swollen and sore for a few days, but I still got to go home before my 24 hour hold was up which was after the moister robbing sausage muffin and the stale grilled cheese (yum! hospital food, got love it!).
What did I learn from this experience?
1. Demerol makes me really loopy
2. If the medicine burns going into your arm make them change the IV right away instead of waiting for it to burn even more the next time.
3. Don't take the three hour test if your only off by one stinkin' point.