Thursday, January 10, 2008


The other day I sat Evelyn down here, in the middle of her play mat on her back. Before I had finished folding a load of clothes she ended up.....

....Here, totally off the play mat, on her belly, facing the other direction.

I am just so amazed how much she can move even though she can't crawl yet. She is such a strong and active baby. It is so much fun being a mom.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Our Little Punk Rocker

We decided to put Evelyn's hair to good use, since it seems to grow in the middle only, a Mohawk was the natural decision.

David was so proud of his little punk Rocker. He wants her to wear her like this everywhere, including church. I am not so sure about that, but she does look pretty cute with that little bow.


Evelyn started eating rice cereal this week.

At first she didn't know what to think of it...

....But in the end she really enjoyed the experience and she was fairly successful, getting more than half of the cereal IN her belly rather than ON it.

Christmas with the Creeks

This was Evelyn's first Chistmas and I was so excited to take a family photo in front of the Christmas tree, with the stockings I knitted in the background, and Evelyn sporting the dress I made. Saddly, we couldn't get Garry to participate but it turned out ok.

Evelyn absolutely loved having a tree in the house, she is a big outdoor lover. She also loved all the pretty lights, but most of all she Loved our new Train that circled around the tree blowing smoke and whistling.

Evelyn and David spent much of the christmas season in front of that train, watching go around and around. Evelyn even fell asleep watching it a few times.

David had to work Christmas Eve so Evelyn and I spent the night at my mom's house and David met us in the morning. Here is my new sewing machine!! Thank You Dad!

Isn't that scarf HOT, yeah, I almost didn't give it to Arriett I liked it so much. Oh well, i will just have to make another.

Keith gave us Cities and Knights, an Awsome choice on his part.

Evelyn finally woke-up after all the presents were unwraped and joined us for breakfast. Aren't we cute in our Christmas pajamas.

When we got home Dave and I exchanged gifts. I got a bicycle, He He! How awsome is that?! I felt like a little kid. David got his present early this year, it was a PDA phone. He was very happy with it.
After a quick ride around the block we headed to the Bay to see Dave's family. It was a pretty good Christmas.