Monday, February 15, 2010


Leonard had his first Hair cut and he didn't cry once.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Learning to Walk

As you know, Leonard has been "cruising" for a while now. Well, on Jan. 9th he decided to let go and took his first real steps. This is a video from that very day.

He gradually got braver.....

This last video is from Jan. 25th when he really took off.

He now proudly walks laps around the house. Walking is definitely his favorite past time. The funny thing is, he still can't stand up without using something to pull himself up and whats worse, he can't just stand which means once he starts going he can't stop until he finds something to hold on to. It really is quite odd but I guess he likes to do things in his own order. He didn't learn to sit up until long after he could crawl and pull himself up to stand. So, I am sure he will at some point learn to stand but for now, he doesn't mind being on the go.