Monday, May 26, 2008

BBQs and Forts

On Sat. we decided last minute to do a BBQ. So, we called a bunch of people and everyone brought something and we all hung out, ate, and talked. This picture, sadly, was taken after several people had already left but as you can see it was a pretty chill day. While all the adults talked on the patio, the kids did this.....

....actually the boys made them a really cool fort, but before I could get back with the camera they had destroyed it. That didn't stop them from having fun though. Especially Evelyn! She had a blast climbing all over the pillows and playing with the other kids.

After everyone left we reconstructed the fort. Evelyn would get so excited every time she would crawl into the fort and see either her Daddy or myself waiting for her in there. Good times, Good times!

Watching the Grass Grow

Evelyn and her Daddy love to look out the window and watch the birds, the cars, and the trees blowing in the wind. Aren't they so cute together?!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The first swim

It was 105 Degrees yesterday, In other words, it was HOT!!!! So, we invited ourselves over to the schwendeman's (spelling?) to take Evelyn swimming for the first time.
Evelyn is ready to go. She's got her faux-hawk and her Wee Wave swim bottoms.

She wasn't to sure of the water. In fact, she looked terrified when David simply put her feet in...

...And she hated it when he dunked her under the water, probably 'cuz she got a bunch of the water in her lungs.

All in all she was in the water for maybe a total on 15 mins. She didn't enjoy it as much as her bath time like I thought she would. But, it is a long summer and we will go swimming again. I am sure she will learn to love it.


I was tagged by Krysta, so here is me in a middle-name-nut-shell.

R- responsible, being a mom this is a required trait.
E- economic, I have a very hard time spending money, especially on my self.
N- nonchalant, I am very layed back about pretty much everything.
E- elfin, you know, the magical kind. Not really, I just thought it was a fun word and I have three stinkin' E's in my middle name. talk about over kill.
E- early, when I am in school David always complains that I am an over achiever cause I tend to get my assignments in at least a month before they are due. I just like getting them over with instead of stressing latter.

I think everyone I know has already done this so if you haven't yet, TAG your it.

Friday, May 16, 2008

8 Months

Thursday, May 15, 2008


This is our favorite sound and Evelyn had stopped saying it for a couple of weeks, we were so sad. but, then it all of a sudden reappeared and we got it on video for all to enjoy!

Happy Mom's Day

I'm a MOM! It still shocks me sometimes.

This Mother's Day Dave did a great job making me feel appreciated. In the morning I woke up and feed Evelyn and then Dave took over and let me sleep (I LOVE SLEEP)! Then once I woke up I let him sleep a little. He looked pretty tired, i think that morning Evelyn is a bit much for him. While Dave was sleeping i got Evelyn to take a nap and decided to make breakfast, so I made this awesome omelet and English muffins and Dave and I ate in bed. After church Dave made me some beautiful chocolate covered strawberries and we took some to my mom. All in all, it was a pretty nice mother's day.