Saturday, May 17, 2008

The first swim

It was 105 Degrees yesterday, In other words, it was HOT!!!! So, we invited ourselves over to the schwendeman's (spelling?) to take Evelyn swimming for the first time.
Evelyn is ready to go. She's got her faux-hawk and her Wee Wave swim bottoms.

She wasn't to sure of the water. In fact, she looked terrified when David simply put her feet in...

...And she hated it when he dunked her under the water, probably 'cuz she got a bunch of the water in her lungs.

All in all she was in the water for maybe a total on 15 mins. She didn't enjoy it as much as her bath time like I thought she would. But, it is a long summer and we will go swimming again. I am sure she will learn to love it.

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