Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Blessing

We decided that Leonard should be blessed before he was baptized so we finally put down a date and although we could not find a cute white blessing outfit we did come up with this handsome ensemble (thank you Luci for letting us borrow the tie. It really made the look.)

The blessing was given by David and it was beautiful. Leonard, Nick, Preston, Sammy, and Bishop Rynders joined David in the circle.
Sadly a lot ofpeople were unable to make it due to sickness and prior engagements but even though we missed them we had a very nice blessing. Leonard has many blessings in store for him and he is going to be a blessing in many peoples lives.

He already is a huge blessing in ours. He is always smiling and laughing and you can't help but join him which makes the atmosphere in our home so light and fun. I absolutely love Leonard and I am already so proud to be his mom. People are constantly telling me how cute and happy my children are and all I can do is thank them and agree whole heartily.

We are so Blessed!

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