Monday, October 12, 2009

Productivity and Poop

I've been feeling a little down lately. No particular reason just an emotional slump that I am hoping will end soon. So, today I thought i would try the old productivity trick to see if that might be the trick to pick me up. Not that I am not productive everyday, it just gets a little monotonous. So, today I added a little extra to my normal schedule of general cleaning, feeding, and entertaining. I went grocery shopping, mopped the floors, cleaned out the frige and the freezer, cleaned out all my food cabinets, made pumpkin cookies, and pizza. It was a busy day, especially when you remember that between all that i played catch, and Thomas train, drew some flowers on the side walk, changed a few poopy diapers, cleaned up a few accidents, and put Evelyn's hair in pig tails for the first time.

Then there was the POOP! So, Evelyn has been into this new thing of dumping the contence of her potty seat into the big potty and flushing it. As you can imagine, this opens up many opprotunities for some pretty nasty messes (lucky me). Well, a few hours ago we had the best one yet. She had just gone number two and as usual she wanted to "dump it" but I wasn't there to help her so, I call back to see if she is finished and she says she is I go back to the bathroom expecting to see her sitting on the potty waiting. Nope, instead I find a puddle of pee and three large pieces of poo trailing from her potty to the big potty and she is covered in it too. As you can imagine the poductivity and poop combo didn't cure my emotional slump but I am sure I will feel better soon. Tomarrow is the pumpkin patch and I am going to dye my hair tonight, something is bound to pull me out of this slump I just have to be patient.


Jared and Sami said...

I'm sorry you've felt down! I'm an experienced crazy person so I'm pretty used to getting down and doing something for yourself will help more, it sounds selfish but spending some time on yourself will make you a happier mommy so go for it. Call me in you need a mani/pedi, I do them on Jared all the time:)

Jessica Havican said...

oh the joys of potty training. Poor Evelyn just wants to be independent like her mommy. I think a mani/pedi with your friend is a great idea. Sometimes us women need a little pampering to soothe our soul. I hope things start looking up. Funny how we hit those slumps in life huh?

Krysta Martinez said...

Gotta love the poopy messes... One day Keira learned how to take her diaper off which she did the moment she had an explosively poopy diaper and tracked it all across the living room. No better way to ruin your day lol. I hope you get to feeling better soon. Let me know if you ever want to come hang out at my house for a change of scenery.