Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Spontaneous Camping Trip

Dave got off work at 7:30 that morning and had been sleeping, it was about noon that I woke him up and said "lets go camping" Dave: "when" Me: "now" Dave: "OK". So we packed up and were off to Pfeiffer State park, in Big Sur, by 3pm. Dave grossly underestimated the time it would take to get there so AJ and I were bugging him about it the whole time. When we finally got there we saw several signs posted that said the site was FULL. As you could imagine we were a bit nervous. But then we asked one of the rangers and they said that there were plenty of sites available and booked us one, phew!!

We set up camp, made dinner, and then sat around the camp fire singing songs.

The next day we decided to hike to Buzzard's Roost, after we packed up camp and move to a different spot, AARRR.
Evelyn was supper excited and then ended up sleeping the entire way.

AJ and I took turns wearing Leonard in the Baby Bjorn. It is a quite difficult carrying a chubby baby up a 2000 foot incline.

When we finally reached the top we were annoyed to find not only an ugly brown shack and a metal tower, but also a road that lead up there. You hike to get to places that cars can't go not to work that hard and find out you could have driven there.

Oh well, the hike was beautiful and challenging and we had some good quality time together.

When we got back we took a quick nap, then we were off to the beach.

The weather was gorgeous and the beach wasn't that crowed so it was great.
The beach was really nice especially because there is this large shallow pool of water in the middle of the beach that stays pretty warm. It was perfect for Evelyn to play in. The Ocean on the other hand was freezing, beautiful, but Freezing.

That night we built another fire, made smores, and sang more camp songs.

The next day we packed up a headed to Santa Cruz.

Evelyn saw the rides and got supper excited, she wanted to ride everything. But then David made the mistake of taking her on a fairly big ride to start and from that point on she wasn't so sure she wanted to ride.

We got her to go on the little whales and she pretended to be excited but then it started to go and she wanted off!!

AJ rode a Farris wheel that also is a game. You have to try and throw these metal rings threw the clowns mouth as you go around. AJ was the first one to get it.

On our way home we made several little stops at fruit stands to get cherries and then at Sonic to get ice cream. You should have seen Evelyn, she was a Mess!

It ended up being a pretty awesome trip even though it was planed in 3 hours.
We will definitely be doing it again.


Jessica Havican said...

what a fun spontaneous trip! James and I need to try and go camping before the cold front comes. We've both been wanting to go, but it didn't sound so appealing when I was puking all the time. Now that I have the anti-nausea medicine, we might just do that! Thanks for the inspiration! And I want to see more pics of the little guy!

Krysta Martinez said...

How fun! When I went camping a few weeks ago, I was totally trying to make a reservation in Big Sur and everything was booked! We ended up going to Yosemite instead and it was kind of hot there. I didn't know you guys liked to camp- Art and I go all the time. We should go together sometime!