Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Apt. # 3 The Big One

Apt #3
October 14th (18 weeks)
Wieght 122 lbs
BP 100/56
Babies Heart Rate 152.97 BPM
Babies Wieght 8 oz
Babies Sex......Lets see if you can guess....
Thats Right... We are having a BOY!!!!!
Little Leonard Preston Creek II
I am SOOOOOOOO SUPER excited!!! Now I just need to come up with a suitible color scheme for a co-ed bedroom. if you have any ideas let me know. We plan on painting the room on thur.


Wedehase Family Blog said...

WoooHooo! That is very exciting! You'll be one of the first of CVR babies that is actually a boy. Maybe there is something in the water, since this baby was made when there wasn't any in the Creek house?? :)

As far as colors: ummm...what's wrong with the yellow that's already there? It's a great neutral. I really like how vibrant it is and it allows you to bring in so many patterns and other complementing colors too. My vote is leave it yellow and add in some reds, greens, and blues in the bedding and wall hangings.

The Givens said...

yea. I bet Dave is so excited too. Your little boy is going to be so cute too.

Robby and Katie said...

Congratulations on finding out your having a boy! I would leave the room yellow too. Just add in blues and greens. Charlie's room was painted blue, green & the closet yellow. For Avery we just left it, and added pink and purple. It probably depends on if they will share the room, and how much funds you got! We are happy for you guys.

JessaMarie said...

A boy?! Awesome! Little Leonard...I can't wait to see the little guy!