Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So, Evelyn is talking up a storm as of late and she has aquired a few new skills. She is reaching for objects, doing "mini push-ups," and Rolling over. She is a little shy about the whole rolling over thing though. She tends to only do it when no one is looking. We will put her on her stomach, staring and encouraging her to roll over and nothing. Then we walk of the room for a split second, come back and she is on her back. I think she is trying to perfect it before showcasing her new talent for the world. Yesterday, Evelyn laughed for the first time and it was the most precious thing ever, now every chance I get I try to get her to laugh but she is so stuborn and just won't do it. I think she is really starting to get annoyed be my poking, prodding, and tickling. She has started giving me dirty looks when I play the tickle monster game.